A day for planning…

On the back of my blog from yesterday – today has been remarkably productive. I’ve answered and sent a bundle of emails, I’ve written, I’ve looked at my calendar up until the end of next year and I started making my list of goals. What do I want to accomplish from 2017. What did I set out to do and not quite achieve out of 2016. It maybe early to start thinking like this – but I can feel a fire burning in me and I want to take advantage of that wave of energy. I want to make every moment of my day count. I’ve started to get a little more focus, a little more of an idea where I want to get to, and who I want to become, and I am starting to work backwards, figuring out what steps that will take and what opportunities I will have to turn down or take up to make that work. Figuring out what I will have to create in order to get there.

I’ve realised what some of my biggest mistakes have been, sitting back and hoping that the big opportunities would fall at my feet. Letting myself slip further from where I want to be, instead of hunting and chiseling away at my goals until I could take another step forward, and then another. 

One thing is for damn sure – I may have to start this thing off with a bare light bulb and a rusted chair (that may be more literal than figurative at this point), but I know it won’t end there. I know where I want to be now and I’m starting to figure out how I’m going to make that happen. 

Have a great day you magnificent human beings – make it the best one you possibly can! 



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