Chasing cars… 

I don’t know about you guys – but sometimes I struggle a little with containing all of the thought bubbles that are floating around in my brain at any one time. I start out fine – but I end up chasing random thoughts around like a puppy chasing after a car, that then finds another car, and another, and holy wow that one is just so shiny and .. Wait .. How did I get here again? 

One of the biggest problems that I face day to day is not figuring out my plan, we’ve talked about this, I love a good plan. My biggest problem is keeping myself on track. Finding that level of mindfulness that will allow me to keep on one track and see a project, or a task through to it’s completion without being pulled entirely off topic.

For example – this blog post. What I started doing this morning was finishing putting together my 18 month calendar, which was halted when I started adding things to my list of things for today, which was stalled when I realised I needed to add something to the presents for my partner’s birthday this weekend, which moved into a Pinterest binge, which moved into a blog post on how I can’t stay focused. My computer is on top of my calendar as I write this …. 

I am fairly confident that doing this is not helpful. I am fairly confident that it leads to to taking on more than I can necessarily commit to. I am fairly confident that I should not be so confident about anything. This is not a way of achieving best practise. 

In saying all of this though – identifying the problem is the first step towards finding a solution. I will do some research and report back to you. I know you’re keen to know how I go with this.

Have a good week – you wonderful majestic human beings. 



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