Don’t wait till Monday … 

Sometimes I get really caught up in that cycle. I can only start a diet / work out / writing schedule / Llama Farm on a Monday. That’s how that works. The universe has spoken – they collectively decided that all good things, all of the things of worth and substance should be started on a Monday (It should be noted that if the Monday also falls on the first day of the month it’s extra magical. Bonus points will also be awarded for a Monday that is not only the first day of the month, but the first day of the year as well .. ). 

It all has a nice symmetry to it and no one really wants to mess with the system. 

Of course none of us really like Mondays (I do actually – but that’s the subject of a whole other post)  .. So it’s the perfect excuse to break whatever cycle we were planning before we even start it. I know I’ve been guilty of that – and once the cycle, which never existed, is broken .. Well I can’t start again until Monday. Them’s the rules. 

Then again, even if we do start it on a Monday, whatever our specific goal might be, we can fall off that wagon at any time. Falling off is not day specific. It can be enjoyed at any time, day or night. 

Maybe .. Just maybe .. If we didn’t wait. If we stopped eyeing off the first day of the week as the beginner of all things .. We’d stop wigging ourselves out so much. Maybe we should just start. Who knows what might happen then* .. 

*Obviously the universe will collapse. What – are you crazy?

Happy Saturday! 



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