Month: May 2016

Goals … They’re not even half the battle … 

Goal setting .. that’s the be all and end all fix right? You set the goal, and then *boom* like some sort of magic out of “The Secret” you have the Ferrari, the jetski and the million dollar Alpaca Farm fortune you always wanted … right? Yes? Guys …?  


I am discovering as I go along that it is far less about this than it should be .. it’s not even half the equation. Not even a third. The plan is necessary, the plan IS in so many ways ALL. But .. is it though? Don’t get me wrong, the ability to plan and to organise and structure a set of goals is one I have spent years working on and certainly have not yet perfected. That’s totally valid and I know many people who don’t have that ability which is .. unfortunate for them as it may stop them from having the global Alpaca empire of their dreams. 

More than that though, more than the ability to sit down and look 3, 5, or even 10 years into the future and seeing the person you want to be and the place you want to be in (having that vision and not laughing at yourself is a topic for a different blog I think …), is the ability to continuously motivate and drive yourself to work the plan. Goal setting without determination and motivation is just really complicated, confronting list making. I mean .. I love a good list, who doesn’t?  At the end of the day though – drive and belief is so much more important. The trouble can be how to maintain that. How many days can get wasted in us not living towards the best version of ourselves? 

I struggle with it I admit. I need to remind myself monthly, sometimes weekly or daily even, just how far I’ve come and how much I can achieve if I keep working. If I worked every day for a year, using my time the way it really could be used .. how much further down my road would I have traveled? Where would all of us be? 



Is there a mix between worry and procrastination …

Whatever it is .. I think I live wrapped in a cacoon of it. I spend so many hours thinking about all of the things that I “should” be doing. All of the things I “should” have done by now, and all of the things that I “should” be….and they’re all interesting, and lovely, and sweet, and idealistic.

None of them are wholly rational. None of them are necessarily valid for where I am in my life. Surely though, I “should” have them. Although let’s be clear .. my swanky loft apartment that I should have .. I actually should have that ..

I “should” be any number of things. I get so wrapped up in the “should” that I forget to look at the person I am. I worry. Then I lean into the worry a little more and I use it as a crutch. I procrastinate. I get distracted by the things that are not perfect in my life instead of being uplifted by the things that are amazing. The incredible friends I have who support me. A family who loves me. A life that is actually far better than I give it credit for. Life experience that .. while not always pleasant .. has turned me into the person I am today. The talent that I joke about being amazing, but really am afraid is subpar, and in reality is somewhere in between and could be better if I spent less time joking and being afraid and more time working on it.

A lot of my time is given over to the Shane that “should” be. I don’t give enough time to the person I am right now or appreciating how far I’ve come.

This week maybe I should be more mindful of doing that.