Good Life Choices – NaNo WriMo

So as many of you wonderful humans may have noticed (if you hang out in blog-land) I’ve been a little bit quiet lately. The reason mainly is my commitment ot Nano WriMo and it’s 50,000 strongattention seeking, screaming, obnoxious, word count. It’s going well.

As I drift past the halfway point I’m ahead on my word count…. ish.

It seems like the more I write the more creative I want to be .. just not on this .. well yes ok on this as well, but all of the pretty shiny things .. I’m rapidly spawning new and distracting ideas for insane new projects. There are so many of them now that my office is starting to look like it’s been overtaken by a paper spewing mutant with research and notes on all of these wonderfulnesses;

  • A One Act Play
  • A wonderful new character I originally wrote into my nano story but found she fits far better in another world and I want to write about her SOOOOOO badly (yes .. capslock with extra o’s badly .. be thankful I didn’t underline it)
  • Two different YouTube series’
  • A Shakespeare script that desperately needs editing and adapting for production.

And these are just the projects that are fleshed out enough that I can articulate them .. there are more lurking in note books, and on scraps of paper, and some have been forgotten as soon as I scrawled them into the condensation on the shower screen (like I’m the only one here who feels most creative in the shower … it’s like a white noise, temperature controlled, rainy cubicle for my mind).

This blog needs more TLC than I’ve been able to give it lately. My whole social media platform needs desperate attention ( ), I have lines and songs to learn for a show I was just cast in (Savoyard’s 2016 production of Legally Blonde – I’m playing Professor Callahan and am having the most fun ever – who doesn’t love a good villain). You know .. I’ve not got a lot going on.

In saying all of that I am enjoying the experience very much by and large, and I am ever thankful that I have the chance to go through this (because you can’t go over it) and learn about how I write and what are the best techniques to get me through. It’s tough, and it’s gruelling and there is a definite sense of frustration a lot of the time. There are also some wonderful moments of success and that gorgeous feeling of achievement that I wish I could drink in forever. (Then there’s this response to my writing buddy asking how my day was going “good good good – I got distracted from my word count, am a little behind today .. am celebrating/procrastination by writing a blog post”.)

There’s a really lovely Jodi Piccoult qoute that I am trying to take to heart “You may not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page”. It’s right up there with “If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write at all”. The latter of course is not wholly true – I often wake up and am inspired to write. Overcoming the parts of myself hat are legendarily distractable though is proving to be something else entirely.

Still – it’s how we change ourselves right? One difficult day at a time. One terrible word after another.

Fortunately I can edit my writing. Life though .. well the mistakes we make give us the best stories right?



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